You do not actually know who you really are or what your brain is capable of if you do not treat underlying factors, including metabolic disorder and nutritional deficiency. There is a treatment option here you have not yet explored that could be life-changing for you.

Nicole Laurent, LMHC

Interested in Case Studies published in the peer-reviewed scientific literature?

The ketogenic diet and remission of psychotic symptoms in schizophrenia: Two case studies

Ketogenic diet rescues cognition in ApoE4+ patient with mild Alzheimer’s disease: A case study

Effects of a Ketogenic Diet on Symptoms, Biomarkers, Depression, and Anxiety in Parkinson’s Disease: A Case Study

Ketogenic diet in therapy of bipolar affective disorder — case report and literature review

Case report: Ketogenic diet acutely improves cognitive function in patient with Down syndrome and Alzheimer’s disease

Time-Restricted Ketogenic Diet in Huntington’s Disease: A Case Study

Ketogenic diets potentially reverse Type II diabetes and ameliorate clinical depression: A case study

Treating binge eating and food addiction symptoms with low-carbohydrate Ketogenic diets: a case series.

Animal-based ketogenic diet puts severe anorexia nervosa into multi-year remission: A case series.

These are people from my practice sharing their experience using ketogenic diets and other nutritional therapies to treat symptoms of mental illness and neurological issues.

These entries are not testimonials about me as a therapist.

Each case study has been approved by the client for accuracy and all identifying information removed. These results are consistent with what is reported by other medical professionals I have consulted with using dietary methods like the ketogenic diet for mental health and neurological issues.

They are included as a way for people to share their personal experiences using nutritional and dietary therapy as a treatment option. Most are stories from people using the ketogenic diet for mental illness.

Case Study #7

Client was referred by a prescriber for psychotherapy and on medication upon presentation. Prior history included some very difficult symptoms in changing medications and coming…

Case Study #6

Client presented with clinically significant depression and reported feeling irritable. Nutritional analysis of diet suggested client was overeating some macros and under eating others. Nutrition…

Case Study #5

“I don’t have nearly as much brain fog, I have reduced my caffeine intake as a result which has lowered my jitters, anxiety, and no…

Case Study #4

Client presented with intense feelings of anxiety, including fatigue, agitation, worry and even derealization. We began work early on regarding nutrition and mental health simultaneously…

Case Study #3

Client was referred by a psychiatrist and on medication upon presentation. Client experienced intense feelings of irritability and impatience and reported feeling overwhelmed very easily…

Case Study #2

Client presented with symptoms of depression and anxiety and later was given a diagnosis of chronic PTSD. Client improved significantly with psychotherapy but would present…

Case Study #1

After doing significant trauma work this client noticed she was still very anxious. We began to discuss diet and nutrition and the benefits of a…

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