It’s time to get your brain back, regardless of reason or diagnosis

I help people with recurrent or chronic brain fog who are feeling confused, forgetful, fatigued, and disconnected recover their cognitive function so they become fully present in their lives and thrive.

I do this with an online version of the same methods I use in my individual practice. Clients leverage powerful nutritional and functional psychiatry principles and my experience as a behavioral health provider for over 15 years.

The Brain Fog Recovery Program is effective, evidence-based, and transformative.

How does it work?

  • Powerful nutritional therapies that restore brain energy, reduce neuroinflammation and stop cycles of neurodegeneration
  • Nutrigenomics lessons to learn how to personalize supplementation
  • Lifestyle and functional medicine coaching to resolve any residual symptoms

Enrollment is by application only and applicants must be screened as appropriate for the program.

You may apply here.

You can also apply by scanning this QR code

Because you have the right to know all of the ways that you can feel better.