Best Treatment for COVID Brain Fog

Some new research has come out evaluating the occurrence of neurological symptoms in people who were infected with COVID. They found that in those infected with COVID (the original, not the variants), there was a 42% increased chance of developing neurological issues. And one of those identified is brain fog. And some of you areContinue reading “Best Treatment for COVID Brain Fog”

PCOS and Brain Fog

Cognitive symptoms in Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS and Brain Fog) are a neurological issue. Problems with memory, concentration, and learning that are seen in women with PCOS are neurological issues. And that is why going on birth control pills will not fix it. I try to stay on topic on this blog. I really wantContinue reading “PCOS and Brain Fog”

Heavy Metals and Mental Health

Heavy Metals and Mental Health. Why do heavy metals affect mental health, even on a ketogenic diet? Some people begin the ketogenic diet with a high burden of heavy metal accumulations. When this happens, even the increases in glutathione seen with a well-formulated ketogenic diet can be insufficient to completely resolve symptoms. Options include aContinue reading “Heavy Metals and Mental Health”