Client was referred by a prescriber for psychotherapy and on medication upon presentation. Prior history included some very difficult symptoms in changing medications and coming off of hormonal birth control. Although medicated, she presented with acute agitation and was regularly tearful, describing severe dysregulation and cognitive symptoms, especially around hormonal cycles. Debilitating symptoms of anxiety and agitation had resulted in difficulty completing simple day-to-day tasks without overwhelming frustration. After implementation of the ketogenic diet the client reports less emotion dysregulation and distress around her cycle, feeling “calmer and more present” and less overwhelmed.

The client now presents with a stable mood and good cognitive function. She has begun working more and taking more continuing education in her field. She has chosen to stay on her medication at this time. She highly recommends individuals suffering from bipolar disorder explore the ketogenic diet as a treatment option. 

“After being prescribed antipsychotics, medications for anxiety, regularly receiving acupuncture and trying to implement more meditation and mindful activities, eating keto has proved by far the most beneficial. Every time I cheat I immediately return to a more agitated state with auditory overstimulation. Really the only thing that calms me is knowing that eating clean/keto will provide the relief I need.”