Ketogenic diets treat mental illness

Ketones heal the brain.

BHB (a ketone type) modulates neurotransmitter balance. This is just one of many mechanisms that reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. Ketogenic diets are amazing for mental health.

Modulation of neurotransmitters (NT) allow your brain cells to:

  • Produce more GABA
    • upregulation of the calming “I got this” NT
  • Reduce Glutamate
    • downregulation of the excitatory “I’m freaking out!” NT
  • Improved production of serotonin
    • upregulation of this NT improves mood, cognition and nervous system functioning

You have to give your brain what it needs to work better if you want to treat mental illness and neurological disorders. Ketogenic diets are powerful mental health interventions.

Imagine what a better working brain would mean for you.

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