Nutrition and supplements for antidepressant withdrawals

Can I make my antidepressant withdrawal symptoms better with nutrition and supplements? Planning your titration from antidepressants is important. There are core nutritional supports that include b-complex, amino acids, DHA and EPA, and other micronutrients that should be initiated 1 to 3 months prior to attempting titration. Experienced clinicians recommend titration occur slowly, between 4Continue reading “Nutrition and supplements for antidepressant withdrawals”

Is curcumin an option for treating my depression without medication?

Can I treat my depression using curcumin instead of medication? You absolutely can use curcumin for depression. There have been several randomized-controlled trials showing effectiveness specifically for depression. Curcumin targets neuroinflammation which has a strong role in causing depressive symptoms. There are bioavailable forms of curcumin that people with depression can take for improved results.Continue reading “Is curcumin an option for treating my depression without medication?”