drug-induced nutrient depletion – a cautionary tale

Today I will tell you about Angie and her story of drug-induced nutrient depletion. When Angie was a kid, she ate like most of us did. There were copious amounts of ultra-processed foods marketed to her and her parents as nutritionally complete but weren’t. So while Angie was trying to grow, she was at aContinue reading “drug-induced nutrient depletion – a cautionary tale”

Can keto treat my depression without medication?

How can a ketogenic diet help treat Depression? Ketogenic diets modify at least four of the underlying pathologies seen in people with depression. These include glucose hypometabolism, neurotransmitter imbalances, inflammation, and oxidative stress. A ketogenic diet is a powerful dietary therapy shown to directly impact these four underlying mechanisms (and others) involved with depression symptoms. PleaseContinue reading “Can keto treat my depression without medication?”

How is a ketogenic diet complementary to psychotherapy?

The standard of care for mental disorders is medication and therapy. Even in what are considered to be primarily neurological conditions that are generally treated with medication, psychotherapy is always considered an excellent adjunct that improves outcomes for the patient. For example, the American Psychological Association lists cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) as an evidence-based treatment forContinue reading “How is a ketogenic diet complementary to psychotherapy?”