Mild Cognitive Impairment and MCT Oil

Introduction If you are reading this blog post, it may be because you already suspect or have a diagnosis of mild cognitive impairment (MCI). Some cases of mild cognitive impairment (MCI) will stop in progression and not move towards impaired functioning at a level to meet the criteria for Dementia. What is Mild Cognitive ImpairmentContinue reading “Mild Cognitive Impairment and MCT Oil”

Panic Disorder (PD)

How could a ketogenic diet help treat the symptoms of Panic Disorder (PD)? Ketogenic diets modify at least four of the pathologies we see in panic disorder (PD) and panic attacks. These pathologies include glucose hypometabolism, neurotransmitter imbalances, inflammation, and oxidative stress. A ketogenic diet is a powerful dietary therapy that will directly impact theseContinue reading “Panic Disorder (PD)”

How is a ketogenic diet complementary to psychotherapy?

How is a ketogenic diet complementary to psychotherapy? The standard of care for mental disorders is medication and therapy. Even in what are considered to be primarily neurological conditions that are generally treated with medication, psychotherapy is always considered an excellent adjunct that improves outcomes for the patient. For example, the American Psychological Association listsContinue reading “How is a ketogenic diet complementary to psychotherapy?”

Ketogenic diets treat mental illness – Part 3

Ketogenic diets treat mental illness BHB (a ketone type) promotes neurotransmitter balance which has neuroprotective effects. A diet low in carbohydrates resolves hyperglycemia, which is known to produce inflammatory cytokines. Ketogenic diets are amazing for mental health and neurological disorders because of their ability to reduce chronic inflammation and oxidative stress. Neuroprotective effects of theContinue reading “Ketogenic diets treat mental illness – Part 3”