How to fix neuroinflammation and heal your depression – Diet

In this blog post, we are going to discuss what diet for depression makes the most sense, based on nutritional biochemistry and an understanding of nutritional psychiatry. Some of what you are going to read here is not going to be consistent with mainstream advice, but I promise that it will be consistent with theContinue reading “How to fix neuroinflammation and heal your depression – Diet”

Neuroinflammation and depression

The link between depression and neuroinflammation has been studied for many years. And yet treating neuroinflammation in depression is not thought of as a primary target of intervention. Our society keeps trying to treat depression with pharmaceuticals. And while they can help many people, there are populations of people suffering from depression in which medicationsContinue reading “Neuroinflammation and depression”

Ketogenic Diets for ADHD

Can Keto Help ADHD? Ketogenic diets can help ADHD by treating several areas of underlying pathology identified as causing symptoms. These areas include glucose hypometabolism, neurotransmitter imbalances, low brain-derived neurotrophic factor, inflammation, and oxidative stress. A well-formulated ketogenic diet can also improve the nutrient status and treat cofactor insufficiencies seen in ADHD populations. Introduction AttentionContinue reading “Ketogenic Diets for ADHD”

Why are you irritable on keto

Why does keto make me irritable? It can take 3 to 6 weeks to adapt to a ketogenic diet. During that time irritability may occur from insufficient electrolyte supplementation (especially sodium), potentiation effects of existing medications causing side effects, or psychological factors related to making big lifestyle changes. You are not irritable because you areContinue reading “Why are you irritable on keto”