Heavy Metals and Mental Health

Heavy Metals and Mental Health. Why do heavy metals affect mental health, even on a ketogenic diet? Some people begin the ketogenic diet with a high burden of heavy metal accumulations. When this happens, even the increases in glutathione seen with a well-formulated ketogenic diet can be insufficient to completely resolve symptoms. Options include aContinue reading “Heavy Metals and Mental Health”

Glutathione and the ketogenic diet

Glutathione and the ketogenic diet How does the ketogenic diet’s upregulation of glutathione play a part in healing your brain from mental illness and neurological disorders? Glutathione is the brain’s main antioxidant system. The ketogenic diet’s ability to upregulate glutathione production is particularly helpful for people with mental illness or neurological disorders. Ketogenic diets increaseContinue reading “Glutathione and the ketogenic diet”

How thiamine deficiency can undermine your ketogenic diet for mental health

I started a ketogenic diet for mental health. Why do I still feel so sick and still have symptoms? When you start a ketogenic diet for mental health, you may be beginning the diet with several micronutrient deficiencies that developed prior to the diet. Highly processed food intake, psychiatric medications, poor health, substance abuse, andContinue reading “How thiamine deficiency can undermine your ketogenic diet for mental health”

Why are you irritable on keto

Why does keto make me irritable? It can take 3 to 6 weeks to adapt to a ketogenic diet. During that time irritability may occur from insufficient electrolyte supplementation (especially sodium), potentiation effects of existing medications causing side effects, or psychological factors related to making big lifestyle changes. You are not irritable because you areContinue reading “Why are you irritable on keto”

Ketogenic Diet Treats Alcoholism

Ketogenic Diet Treats Alcoholism Can the ketogenic diet be used as an effective treatment for alcoholism? A 3-week RCT done by the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism found that a ketogenic diet could reduce the need for detox medications, reduce alcohol withdrawal symptoms, and reduce alcohol cravings. The researchers also found that brainContinue reading “Ketogenic Diet Treats Alcoholism”