It’s time to learn how to treat your brain fog

I help people with recurrent or chronic brain fog suffering from a variety of mental health, neurological or even chronic illnesses feel better.

They come feeling confused, forgetful, fatigued, and disconnected and work through the program to recover their cognitive function so they become fully present in their lives and thrive.

I do this with an online version of the same methods I have used for years in my private practice to help people get rid of brain fog in the form of mood and cognitive symptoms. Clients leverage powerful nutritional and metabolic brain therapies along with my experience as a behavioral health provider to achieve amazing results.

The Brain Fog Recovery Program is effective, evidence-based, and transformative.

How does it work?

  • Powerful nutritional therapies that restore brain energy, reduce neuroinflammation and stop cycles of neurodegeneration
  • Nutrigenomics lessons to learn how to personalize supplementation
  • Functional health coaching at the highest level to help resolve any residual symptoms

Do not spend one more minute trying to live your life through the haze of mood and cognitive symptoms. It is highly treatable. And I can show you how and support you on your journey to a fully functioning brain that allows you to absolutely thrive!

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Attend a Live Brain Fog Recovery Masterclass to learn more about the program. Regardless of whether you sign up or not, I will teach you the exact three steps you need for brain fog recovery!

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Enrollment is by application only and applicants must be screened as appropriate for the program.